I recently ticked off a restaurant that has been on my to-visit list for a very long time, with the help of some friends who are willing to come and suffer through 100% gluten free cuisine for the cause (thank you).

However, in the case of Niche, I would like to think that it wasn’t suffering at all! We went for brunch, but I will be visiting again to try out a dinner and dessert, as their banoffee cheesecake sounds like everything I wish for in a pudding (if a little expensive).


I opted for a full english, as I haven’t been able to find many places in London that offer one, and it was worth it! Definitely filling, so I would recommend it if you want a hearty start to the weekend, or opt for the eggs Benedict which got a thumbs up, and the fancy mushrooms on toast for the non-egg lovers. My friends assured me that the gluten free bread tasted fine, which is a vote of confidence from gluten-y people!


The restaurant itself was smart, very white, and very empty, so the service was great! Visit on a weekday morning for likewise or maybe come for dinner if you’re looking for a bit more atmosphere.

The menu is 100% gluten free, which alleviated any worries when dining, and allowed me to just enjoy the meal without wondering if I was taking a risk, something that is rare to find and very precious, so the next time my coeliac sister is down, I will be dragging her here too.


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