Gluten free at Duck and Waffle

This one’s been on the list ever since I saw some GF waffles on instagram, so when one of my housemates suggested it for a Birthday breakfast, I was all in!

Found on the 40th floor of the Sushi Samba building just three minutes walk from Liverpool Street, it’s worth getting up at the crack of dawn as we did to see the sun rise, or try catching the sunset with stunning views over the city, from Liverpool Street station on one side, to overlooking on the Gherkin on the other.

Their menu can be found here,ย when I asked about gluten free options I was told they could offer me almost everything on the Breakfast Menu including the waffles, at which point I stopped her (sorry, bad reconnaisse job) because I was already sold on that…

Waffles, Duck and Waffle
Caramelised Banana (top) and Toffee Apple (bottom)

While I really should have opted for the signature dish, the lure of maple sauce and ice cream was too much for me, and I ended up with the Toffee Apple waffle, pictured above.

Duck and Waffle interior with Christmas decorations
Duck and Waffle interior with Christmas decorations

Presentation was amazing, and so was the taste, I would never have known it was gluten free, and the praline powder and maple sauce combination was delicious, one of the best breakfasts I’ve had so far.

It’s a fancy but surprisingly not too expensive affair, I paid around ยฃ18 for a waffle, coffee and service charge, with the dishes ranging from ยฃ11-16 for a waffleย (prices as of Nov 2017). Considering the service, gluten free options and quality of the food, it was a reasonable price to pay (though I will be skipping the expensive coffee next time!).

I’ll be visiting again to sample the duck leg confit…it’s got to be done really.


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