I’m a coeliac living in London, who is (mostly) using this as an excellent excuse to go and search for as much gluten free food as possible…call it research.

I, like many others with allergies, am always searching online for somewhere to eat. While there are many great, and very useful blogs out there that review gluten free food offerings, it’s sometimes hard to know where they are. This is my answer, a google map that is easy to see where the nearest gluten free food can be found, and can be used to plot directions from if wanted.

I’m constantly on the look-out for more places, so if you know of any that you would recommend, please drop me a line on the contact page! I’d love to hear of any suggestions, and we can all make it easier for each other by growing the map!

If you’d like pictures of all this delicious gluten free food, see my instagram, where I’m apparently always eating.

Philippa x